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This mother and child breastfeeding fortune icon is unique to Keepsake by Ryo and resembles the chinese fortune symbol "福". The act of sucking (Breastfeeding) has the same pronunciation but different writing as 惜. 惜 means to appreciate. To be able to hold your child in your arms is indeed good fortune and many times we tend to forget or neglect the blessings we already have. We have many wants in life, but the act of 惜福 reminds us how fortunate we are to be blessed with our child. Let us spent more time appreciating the growth of our little ones, and being there for them.  This charm will indeed be a very meaningful addition to any charm bracelet, serving as a beautiful reminder to always appreciate the blessing of life! The Chinese believe that the art of appreciating your blessing will bring about more blessing, and we hope that this charm would bless you and your family.

Available in 925 Silver


Kindly label all your inclusions with your name order number and contact number before mailing. You may send in your inclusions via normal mail, registered mail or any international postal services example DHL, Fedex and UPS. Do note that we do not accept 3rd party local (Singapore) courier services such as, Qexpress, Ta-Q-Bin, Uparcel and etc

Mailing Address:

Keepsake by Ryo
My Mail Box 884038
Singapore 919191

For Breastmilk:

20ml of Breast Milk is required per item. Pack your milk in double milk bags before mailing to prevent any leakages. Place it in a padded envelope with sufficient postage stamp for its weight, (20ml requires a 50 cent local stamp). It is best to have your package weighed at the post office, and purchase the stamp amount necessary for normal mail. Please thaw before sending to prevent wetting other people’s letters. Kindly remember to label your inclusions.

For Hair:

Place a lock of hair (20-30 strands depending on hair thickness, approximately 2-3cm preferred) in an envelope. Kindly remember to label your inclusions.

This piece of keepsake jewellery is handcrafted using fine precious metals which may require cleaning from time to time.
Using the jeweller’s cloth provided, gently rub your precious metal parts several times. The jeweller’s cloth is made from high quality cotton impregnated with jeweller’s wax. It remains effective as long as it is not washed. Please note that chlorine and bleach accelerate tarnishing and should be avoided.
Your jewellery should be kept absolutely dry. If your jewellery is used frequently, keep it away from excessive exposure to air and store it in a box with silica gel to absorb excess moisture when it is not in use.
Your precious keepsake comes with a 1 year warranty covering any discolouration of breastmilk components only.

Every piece of keepsake jewellery is handmade with love. We will try our best to deliver the highest standards of handcrafting. However, kindly respect that no two pieces will be the same, and the outcome of each piece of keepsake will differ due to the differences in the colour and consistency of milk that you produce.

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