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Why Choose Us

1. Etsy Breastmilk diy preservation kit, cornstarch powder scam.
Hi Mummies. We have received many mothers’ request to rectify their diy breastmilk jewellery that they made less than 1 year ago as it is turning brown with many bubbles in it.

As they no longer producing breastmilk. There is really nothing much we can do until one customer kept the preserve breastmilk powder and see if we can use it to make a keepsake for her. We attempted to work with the breastmilk powder that she “preserved” to see if we can create something for the mummy. We rehydrate the powder and observe it under a microscope and we found out there are no breastmilk protein remains at all.

Upon understanding the making method. It is basically mixing your breastmilk with cornstarch and cooking it over a stove until powder remains. Basically you will cook, destroy and evaporate all the breastmilk that you added to the cornstarch. Leaving behind only cornstarch to make your precious keepsake by mixing it with resin.

Cornstarch when kept dry will remain white indefinitely. But due to Singapore’s humidity. The cornstarch being encased in resin will still discolour after some time.

We don’t understand why such unethical makers exist. It’s basically a scam to make mothers wear cornstarch believing it’s their own breastmilk jewellery. We deeply condemned such behaviour and hope that this will help to warn mummies and their friends to avoid any “breastmilk preservation kit that involves powder”.

Please share this with your friends to protect them from this latest scam.
(picture from online source.)

2. 满月金 FULL MONTH GOLD & 百日金 100 DAYS GOLD
Back in ancient China when the mortality rate of babies was high, it is considered good luck for parents when a baby reaches their full month or 100days. In many cultures, gold is traditionally known to symbolize, good luck, prosperity and even used to ward off evil; due to it's everlasting properties. It is customary for parents, friends and relatives to gift gold to bless the baby with everlasting health and a prosperous future.
Infused with mum's own breastmilk, our Full Month Gold & 100 Days Gold Collection marries all the well wishes with the love of a mother, making it the most meaningful Full Month Gold only available at Keepsake by Ryo.
Also did you know Keepsake by Ryo is the first Breastmilk Jewellery maker that uses solid gold and real diamonds? Gold is an inert element, hence by nature it does not react (tarnish) to any other elements in the periodic table giving it a huge advantage over other jewellery making materials such as silver and stainless steel. It is industry recognized for its ability to resist tarnish and is widely used for purpose like engagement rings, wedding bands and etc. Singapore having an extremely humid climate, only solid gold can last the test of time.
Attached is a link for your further understanding,http://jewelryinfoplace.com/gold/
3. 800+ Reviews!
As a small business, we don't have the resources to do expensive advertisement such as paid influencers, celebrities and etc. We rather save the money to give higher promotions to our valued customers. Thankfully our effort is recognize by our customers and with over 800+ positive instagram reviews, you can't go wrong with Singapore’s most trusted DNA Jewellery makers. Check out our reviews and follow us on www.instagram.com/keepsakebyryo to get the latest promotion updates.
4. Fake Breast milk?
Can you tell the difference between the 2 charms? Thanks to our Chemist, we found that some makers use coloured dyes instead of real breastmilk to pass off as preserved breastmilk. As a mother, I can only imagine the pain if I found that my precious breastmilk jewellery made so many years ago is nothing but a scam. By then, I will no longer have any breastmilk left to make it from ethical sources.
At Keepsake by Ryo, we engaged a chemist to formulate a proprietary breastmilk preservation method so that your breastmilk keepsake will not rot and decay over time. We are the first to do it and our secret method has never been leaked. Since our innovation, many other keepsake makers claim to be able to do so in the matter of days. If you have tried to DIY your own breastmilk keepsake at home, you would have found that signs of decay will show in a couple of weeks or months. 

To authenticate our products, we conducted workshops so that mothers can make their own keepsake and visually see that only your own breastmilk is used in the making of your keepsake.
5. Singapore First and Only Full Time Keepsake Jewellery Maker
We don't have another full time job and we don't treat this as a sideline income. This small business is our only source of income and we dedicate our blood, sweat and tears into it. Every handmade piece is made from the bottom of our hearts. Your support does not goes into paying for a CEO's yacht. It goes into helping our small business to survive, paying for our daughter's ballet class, paying for our Son's tuition. We hope that we can continue to make jewellery for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to come. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all our customers that showed us support over the last 8 years since we started in 2015. 
6. High Quality & Affordable Ashes Keepsakes (1g Ashes Per Item)
"A part of me will always be with you"
Our core belief is that everyone in the family deserves to reminisce the good times with their loved one.
Hence only 1g of ashes required per item.
 Our pricing is also drastically lower compared to others with most designs priced around $60 - $90 after promo. Everyone deserves to be with Por Por and not just the rich relatives. 
7. Own, Unique Breastmilk Preservation Techniques
Did you know Keepsake By Ryo actually engaged a chemist to create a breastmilk preservation technique unique only to us? This is to ensure that your product will not turn yellow or black due to decay and your precious keepsake will last the test of time. This technique ensures that your jewellery will become a stable chemical compound. Thanks to this technique, we are able to use both fresh and expired breastmilk.

Beware of keepsake DIY kits, that uses paraffin wax or poor quality resin in an attempt to earn quick buck. Such DIY kits, usually do not come with any form of preservation for your breastmilk and will turn yellowish or blackish within 3 weeks and it will only get worse as time goes by. DIY kits using paraffin wax and low quality resin are extremely dangerously as they produce toxic chemicals when heated. Paraffin wax is use as the main ingredient for soap and due to it's soft texture a glass globe or casing is usually provided for such DIY kits. Below is an experiment done using DIY kits in comparison to our product and the result speaks for itself.

Perimeter of experiment:
  • All casts use the same breastmilk sample, expressed in December 2015.
  • None of the DIY kits we purchased came with any air bubble removing equipment so we didn’t use our machines in the process out of fairness. (hence the uneven charms!)
  • All charms were casted at the same time, using the same molds for fairness.
  • All completed charms were then placed beside a closed window to simulate Singapore’s weather conditions.
8. Customized Glass Lockets
Keepsake by Ryo produces our own glass locket to improve it’s quality. Check out the differences below!

1. Crafted out of Surgical Steel with higher tarnish resistance than conventional stainless steel .
2. 100% waterproof to combat accidents and rough weather.
3. All lockets comes with a gorgeous dangling heart shaped key!
4. Unlike previous lockets, all new lockets can fit through popular charm bracelets like Pandora, Soufeel, Chamillia etc.

These new Glass Lockets are exclusive and engraved with the Keepsake by Ryo brand at the back of the locket so you know your DNA treasures are kept safe and secure, giving you a peace of mind over problems like tarnish or allergies!
9. Customized Charm Cores
Some people ask us why we customize our own charm cores when we can purchase them from open sources like Aliexpress and Taobao? This is because we noticed that charm cores from open sources tend to tarnish faster. They also have a tendency to drop off when rubbed against your bracelet or bangle due to its small size and light weight.

So, we customized our own charm cores to ensure its quality, also making it bigger and heavier to prevent it from dropping off or tarnishing easily. Notice that from the front our charm cores are bigger and shinier and from the back the open source charm cores are actually hollow on the inside.

Crafted from surgical steel, our charm cores are designed to pass the test of time and Singapore's hot, humid weather. We are also the only maker that provide charm cores in 6 different variations, Silver Surgical Steel, Rose Gold Surgical Steel, Gold Surgical Steel, 18k White Gold, 18k Rose Gold and 18k Gold.
10. Keepsake by Ryo has got a 1 year warranty period against keepsake discolouration due to decay and a full refund policy.
We provide a one year warranty against breastmilk discolouration for decay due to improper preservation. We are also the only keepsake maker in the world that provides a full refund if you are unhappy with your item, all you need to do is to send it back to us and we’ll give you a full refund. For more information, kindly read here http://www.keepsakebyryo.com/pages/terms. :)
11. Resin Quality
Did you know that Keepsake by Ryo uses a unique resin that is heavily R&Ded to have higher resistance against sunlight and yellowing than our previously used ICE RESIN™ in our casting process? Our resin is 8 times more expensive than other commercial resins and is not commercially available in Singapore. As part of our commitment to deliver the best quality handcrafted jewellery to you, we secure supplies from the USA so that our products are of highest quality. Unlike other epoxy resins which naturally appear yellowish and will continue to discolour over time with frequent wear and exposure to UV rays. Our unique resin do not have such problem and this time round we have time tested it since 2016. We are committed to continually working on improving our resin quality to improve the standard of our work.
12. Breastmilk Jewellery Quality
Did you know Keepsake by Ryo uses a unique method of breastmilk preservation through actual engagement of a chemist? Combined with the unique nature of our resin formula, our keepsakes are handcrafted with the mission to stand the test of time.  
13. Jewellery Hardware Materials and Quality.
Did you know that Keepsake by Ryo indicates all materials and hardware used in all our product descriptions? Our pricing also reflects the different types of materials used to ensure that you make an informed decision before purchasing. We urge you to invest in quality material, but we also want every mother to be able to afford a momento of her breastfeeding journey. Hence we offer a wide range of products of different materials and pricing to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.
Be wary of keepsake makers who exclaim that their products will "stay like this forever". Even the purest of gold will tarnish in contact with salt water, chemicals or chlorine, and that is an irreversible chemical reaction.(Google it) To ensure that your keepsake jewellery will last, follow the jewellery care instructions in our warranty card carefully, and invest in good quality hardware metals.
14. Equipment, Machinery and Proper tools
Did you know that Keepsake by Ryo invests in a variety of equipment for purposes such as eliminating air bubbles, preserving breastmilk without affecting the colour of your breastmilk, polishing your finished product and even a vibration device to ensure a more even spread of shimmers/ colours/ glitters? We understand the importance of that one extra process to make every drop of liquid gold count. 
15. Glitters, Shimmers and Flakes
Did you know all Glitters, Shimmers and Flakes are all either hand cut and/ or mixed by Ryo herself? This ensures a unique blend of colours that are only available at Keepsake By Ryo. 
16. Quality Control
Did you know Ryo is psychotic by nature? We produce an average of 130 to 150 handmade orders per month and Ryo personally rejects 30-50 orders monthly. Below is a picture of rejected goods that our production team nicknames "The Graveyard". T_T

 17. IT System
Did you know that Keepsake by Ryo uses a full support IT system to keep track of all inclusions received? The system will automatically send an email invoice upon the confirmation of your order. The system will then send out a second email indicating that we have received your inclusions before generating an order ID number to be labelled and boxed together with your inclusions. This box will follow through the entire process of making your item so as to eliminate occurrences of error. Upon completion, the boxes will be opened, completed items will be packed and mailed out and the system will send a third email to you with your tracking number.
18. Defect/Warranty Activation and Refund Policy
Did you know? Keepsake by Ryo is one of the rare few keepsake makers that provide full refunds for genuine cases of defects and cases where there is a mismatch in expectations between a handmade product and a machine-made product. We do not believe in running smearing campaigns on our competitors, hence we do the ethical way of providing full refunds if you are not happy with your item.

Heirloom collection items are not entitled to refund due to the cost of it's material. But we will remake it as many times as needed if there is a defect.
 19. Fonts in Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Other Languages
Did you know, in the spirit of Singapore being a multi-racial and multi-religious society, Keepsake by Ryo does printed fonts in Chinese, Korean, Arabic and more. :) Kindly check with us to confirm the length of non-english letters capable of being fitted in your desired item.
20. Waiting Period
We understand that the long waiting period can be daunting and may cause anxiety to some mummies. As keepsake making is a very delicate process, different makers have a different waiting periods, some varies their waiting time without prior notice and can suddenly change their waiting time to as long as 7 months or longer. At Keepsake by Ryo we do our best to reduce the waiting period and have an average waiting period of 3-8 weeks from the date of receiving your inclusions. However there are many variables when it comes to handmade products hence 14 weeks(unchanged since 2015) is our maximum waiting period. Till date 98% of our products were made within this 8 weeks timeline, and we hope to maintain or reduce our waiting period in our aim for continuous improvement. <3
21. Experienced Team of Casters
We have a team of 4 highly experienced casters with at least 6 years of experience casting your precious keepsake. Unlike most 1 man show and part-time keepsake makers. Our team ensures each piece of keepsake is given the rightful level of attention it deserves. Customers need not worry about us having overwhelming orders as we only take in a limited quantity of orders every promotion to ensure optimum quality and shorter waiting periods for each order.
22. Customizable Metal Jewellery Box
 All orders are packed using our one of a kind Metal Jewellery Box. Options are available to engrave text, name, picture, ultrasound and etc. Making it a unique place to store your precious keepsake. Special attention has been spend on the quality of the box to ensure a high quality finishing.