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Inclusion Requirements

Hello! Welcome to our humble store. We hope you find something you like! Throughout the years, my husband and I have worked to improve our products. Each keepsake you order is handcrafted from scratch with your inclusions and is a labour of love. We are always thankful for your love, patience and support! :)

Please send your inclusions to (Singapore customers only*):

Keepsake by Ryo

My Mailbox 884038

Singapore 919191

*For overseas customers, kindly chat with us before sending in your inclusions.

For Breastmilk:
20ml of Breast Milk is required per item. If you are ordering multiple items, you can send your milk in one milk bag. There is no need to separate them into bags of 20ml. If you do not have milkbags, you can use old cosmetic bottles/ medicine bottles/ PET bottles etc. We strongly advise against using ziplock bags due to the higher incidence of leakage.

For Hair:
Place a lock of hair (20-30 strands depending on hair thickness, approximately 2-3cm preferred) in an envelope. Kindly remember to label your inclusions.

For Cord:
You may send in your baby's whole umbilical cord. We will return any excess to you with your completed order.

For Ashes:

1g of cremated remains (ashes) required per item. Pack your cremated remains in a clear ziplock bag and label it clearly with your Name, Order Number & Contact Information. Place it in a padded envelope with sufficient postage stamp for its weight. It is best to have your inclusions mailed in via Smartpac or any Trackable Mail options at SingPost, rather than normal mail.

Kindly label all inclusions with your name, order number and contact number.

*It is important that you DO NOT combine your order with another person, as we will tag your order number to your inclusions to ensure the correct inclusions are used for your entire order.

*It is also highly recommended that you DO NOT combine wet inclusions (breastmilk bag/ container) with dry inclusions (hair/ cord/ fur etc) inside the same ziplock bag.