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E.g. A copy of your driver’s license or library card so we can verify you are the parent.

In our line of work, alongside the beautiful breastfeeding stories you share with us, we are also exposed to many sad stories that really touch our hearts. We strongly believe that no mother should experience the pain of losing their own child. 

Being a breastmilk keepsake maker, this is something very close to our hearts. We decided to start the Angel Baby Project, so that local (Singapore) mothers that have such experiences can have a complimentary keepsake to remember their child with. An “Angel baby” is a baby that is miscarried, stillborn, a victim of neonatal death or infant loss. The Angel Baby Project aims to provide one free keepsake item (excluding the Heirloom Collection and items made with solid gold) per Angel Baby, at our cost. 

Making money is never our goal, our passion is to preserve love in the form of keepsake jewellery. Although we know nothing can take away the pain of losing one’s child, we hope that our small gesture can help love remain. 

To enjoy this service:

1. Kindly upload the birth and death certificate of your Angel Baby and a photograph/scanned copy of your (Parent) Identity Card (IC) for verification purposes.

2. Then, add this service into your cart together with your desired item(s) and checkout with it. Payment will have to be made first while we verify the details of your order. 

3. Upon verifying the information received, we will refund you the full retail price paid upon checkout of the particular item, and an email will be send to you indicating the completed refund as well. Kindly note that verification of documents may take up to 10 working days. 

Terms & Conditions:

1. Only applicable for Singaporean and Singapore Angel babies.

2. Limited to 1 item per angel baby.

3. Order need to be made 1 year from the date of decease.

4. Only applicable for infant loss of age 1 year old and below.

5. Not applicable for heirloom items, solid gold items and jade items. This project is only applicable for items below RTP SGD200.

6. Items acquired through Angel Baby Project are not entitled to remakes and refund.

For mummies that wish to purchase multiple items while enjoying this service, kindly add this to cart and we will use this to offset the most expensive, non-heirloom, non solid gold item in your cart.  

To mothers who have had such traumatic experiences, we hope that our small gesture can express our sincere condolences and help you in your healing process.   

(All personal data collected will be kept confidential and is used solely for the purpose of verification, making and delivering your item to you.)