Hello, my name is Ryo and I founded Keepsake by Ryo after my tedious breastfeeding journey with my first born. I am a Singaporean mother who used to be trapped in the rat race, juggling responsibilities as a teacher, wife and mother. I found myself returning to work three weeks from the birth of my child, and faced tremendous difficulties with breastfeeding due to the immense stress at work and the lack of knowledge and support from my loved ones.

I decided to make myself a piece of keepsake jewellery with my own milk, to commemorate the trials and tribulations of my personal breastfeeding journey. I harnessed my knowledge of the arts (I used to study Art as a subject in my Junior College days), and with my love for crafting and a relative's knowledge of chemistry, we devoted sleepless nights trying to find the perfect recipe for preserving and solidifying my own milk. After months of experimentation, and watching some of my initial experiments turn into a myraid of undesirable colours, we finally found the perfect marriage between biology and chemistry.

Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted by me and my family. Each piece is lovingly handmade and takes a whole lot of time - from milk preservation to the final end product that you receive. We seek your understanding that your jewellery will not be perfect like what you expect from mass-produced jewellery pieces in shops. We only use Ice Resin in crafting - the highest quality and most expensive resin designed for jewellers - to ensure your keepsake jewellery from Keepsake by Ryo will outlast the rest.

The waiting period for your jewellery depends largely on the complexity of your order. The crafting process can range from 2 - 14 weeks. You may expect longer waiting periods, especially when my precious metal parts run low and I have to wait for new shipments to arrive from the factory, as well as during holiday periods when factories are closed. But like most breastmilk jewellery makers out there, we really do need that amount of time to handcraft your very own personal keepsake.

Thank you for your encouragement, warmth and continuous support.

With love,