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Ryo, Founder of Keepsake By Ryo said, “I will never forget how tears flowed uncontrollably down her cheeks when one of my first few customers asked me if silver could last for many generations. It was only upon further conversation that I found out she had cancer with only weeks to live and that she had to forsake treatment just so that her child could live. Till this day, it tears me apart that my answer to that question was NO. As we still have her breastmilk, we will make one for her free of charge both as an apology and gratitude for this great inspiration."
Designed by reputable designer, The Heirloom Collection is designed to encapsulate many things,

1. The Breastmilk elements represents the undying Love and Sacrifice every mother has made for her child.

2. The Diamonds represents the Brilliance, Magnificence and Strength - how every mother sees her little one.

3. Gold represents the Happiness, Wealth, Grandeur, and Prosperity every mother hopes for her child. 

Please give us a chance to make them last for generations to come and please give your child a chance to forever feel your loving embrace.