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This simple infinity pendant consists of a breastmilk element studded with zirconia srones. This resembles a child being embraced in the loving arms of his mother for eternity.

Approximately H26.5mm X W10.5mm
Gold Weight approx: 3g
Comes with a matching 18K Gold Chain (Gold weight 1.55g) Length: 18 inch.
Available in 18K White Gold, 18K Yellow Gold and 18K Rose Gold.

Please note that the display images is for illustration purposes only. The actual product will differ based on the colour and nature of your own milk, among other factors.


The Heirloom Infinity collection is designed to represent the infinite love from a parent to their child. It is made to combat mummy shaming by letting others know that a parent will always put their child’s interest first regardless of the sacrifices that they have to make. Being parents ourselves, we are always faced with huge amounts of uncertainty for every decision that we make. Should we use the cane, or go with the friend approach? Should we feed breastmilk or formula milk? Should we engage the help of a maid or send our little one to a childcare center? There is never a right or wrong decision; we make every decision to the best of our abilities and with whatever knowledge and resources that was available to us then. We believe that we are not the only one facing mummy shaming, and this is our little way to combat mummy shaming. We hope that this little piece of jewellery would one day reach the hands of our children as an Heirloom piece that represents the sacrifice we made for our family.  One day when we are no longer able to be there for our child, we hope that this piece will whisper to his ears that,

“We will always love you regardless of where we are even when we are no longer by your side”

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The Heirloom Infinity Collection is designed to encapsulate many things,

  1. The Breastmilk elements represent the infinite Love every parent has for their child.
  2. The Cubic Zirconia represents - how every parent sacrifice their all, regardless of how little they have for their Little one.
  3. 14k Gold represents the Happiness, Filial Piety, Unity and that nothing is more important than a happy Family.

Every piece is lovingly handcrafted only after an order is placed. Shipping is done through insured registered mail only, and an email will be sent to you with the tracking number, to ensure absolute safety for both Singapore and International customers.  


Ryo, Founder of Keepsake By Ryo said, “Many customers were interested in our Heirloom collection because only solid gold can last for many generations to come, but there are a group of customers that simply could not afford them. Making money was never my main intention; I just want every child to have a piece of their Mother to forever remember them by. To me no child should live without the love of their mother regardless of how old you are. A 16 year old will cry as much as a 61 year old when the day comes that their mother leave them. I just hope that I could at least retain some of that love through this small piece that I make.”

The Heirloom Infinity collection is for all the Mothers out there and made in commemoration of Singapore’s Founding Father Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

In the words of our beloved Mr Lee Kuan Yew “As for me, I have done what I had wanted to, to the best of my ability, I am satisfied."

The Heirloom Infinity collection, is a set comprising of a pendant necklace, earrings, charm and bracelet, available at Keepsake By Ryo now.